6 Exercises For A Flat Stomach You Can Do Sitting Right in A Chair

Forget about the many articles that tell you how sitting in an office chair all day long is bad for your health. There is much you can do about it. The trick of neutralizing the bad effects of sitting all day is to keep moving or doing some physical activity. But be that as it may, the effects of sitting sedentary for several hours a day can be devastating to health. The first signs of sitting too long are leg swelling, leg problems, and tailbone pain or weavers bottom. Then there are the additional problems of heart issues, and diabetes because of the lack of activity. Moreover, even if you are moderately active, you can still get a big belly. That is the issue we deal with in this article. Be active, and perform these 6 exercises in your office chair for a flatter stomach. They can also make you feel fresh, invigorated and full of energy.

1. Knee to chest lift

The knee to chest lift will help improve circulation in legs and is good for the quads. It also exerts tension on your belly to strengthen the abdominal muscles. It improves digestion and helps burn fat.

Knee to chest lift

How to do it

While sitting in a chair, make sure your back is straight and not touching the back of the chair. Your feet should be placed on the floor and slightly apart. Now with back straight, lift up the right knee and bring it to your chest. Suck in your belly while doing so. You can place your hands on your shin to stretch your abs muscles. Repeat this at least 20 times with alternating legs.


2. Double knee lift

The secret to a good abdominal workout is to do all of these exercises as a combination session. Only then will it benefit you. The double knee lift will work out all the ab muscles effectively but gently too.

Double knee lift

How to do it

Hold the arms of the chair and keep your legs and knees together. With your back straight, lift both knees up to your chest. Tense your abdominal muscles while doing so. Do the exercise gradually in a fixed motion. When putting your feet down do not touch the floor. Do this at least 15-20 times.


3. Double knee lift with side body bends

This is another well-known exercise that one can do for a flat belly. It is good for the obliques which are the largest of the external abdominal muscles or the lateral anterior abdomen. The double knee lift will work these out and burn fat from the sides of your abdomen.

Double knee lift with side body bends

How to do it

Again sit on the chair with a straight back. Hold the handles of the chair and shift your body to sit on one glute or buttock. Lift your knees together to your chest while sucking in your stomach. Now go back to the starting position and do it with the other side. Repeat 10-20 times.


4. Seated bending

While standing and bending also is beneficial, you can do these seated bends which are just as good. The main focus here is to exert tension on your abdomen and that is what will happen in both standing and seated bends. This will also burn abdominal fat on sides and hips.

Seated bending

How to do it

With feet firmly placed on the floor a distance apart, keep your arms straight at shoulder level. Turn your upper body to the left, bend and touch your right foot with your left hand and vice versa. Repeat 25-30 times in a constant motion.

5. Seated body lifts above chair

Before you perform this exercise, make sure you have a strong chair that won’t topple over. This is good for arm and shoulder strength as well as burning fat in the abdomen. It tones the muscles of the abdomen and shoulders.

Seated body lifts above chair

How to do it

Hold the arms of the chair tight and lift up your body so that your hips and legs are suspended in the air. Raise your knees to your chest and maintain the position for 20 seconds. Return to starting position and after a short rest of perhaps 10 seconds start again. Do this four times.

6. Knee to elbow lift

This is a great exercise for your waist and burning waist fat. It works out the lower abdominal muscles and your obliques. You must make sure you are doing it right by making your knee touch your elbow.

Knee to elbow lift

How to do it

Keeping your back straight, sit on the chair and place your hands behind your head. Bring your right knee upto your chest and simultaneously bend your left elbow to meet the knee. Repeat the exercise 15 times for each knee or 4 sets of 15 reps.

What to avoid when wanting a flat belly

While exercising and physical activity is a must for a flat belly, if you keep eating unhealthy food, you won’t make progress. Cut out all unhealthy carbs and sugars. Avoid processed food and unhealthy fats. Avoid fruit juices and carbonated drinks. Eat fresh fruit instead. Your diet should be a well balanced meal of good carbs, healthy fats and protein. It is best to avoid red meat and get your protein from chicken or turkey breast, fish and eggs. Healthy carbs like oats for breakfast, fruits and whole grain bread are ideal.

These exercises are best done four hours after a meal or before breakfast. If you are at work then 4pm would be a good idea as that is well after lunch. If you have low blood sugar issues, do not exercise on an empty stomach before breakfast but if you don’t, then fasted exercising is a good idea. Always consult with your doctor or trainer for further advice.

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